Salon Owner
Certified Master Groomer


Years Grooming: Since 2004, showing dogs since 12 years old

Time at Serenity Pet Spa: Owner/Operator since opening day September 2015

Pets at home:  breeds and shows collies, 1 Standard Poodle, 1 Black Russian Terrier, 1 Scottie, 1 little mutt 

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Special Skills & Favorite Breeds: Loves to hand scissor, especially Poodles

Accolades: National Certified Master Groomer, Groom Team USA Member, National and International Award-Winning Stylist, Conducts Seminars nationwide

Interesting Fact: Lived all over the country as a child because her mom did travel nursing.  Settled in Wisconsin at age 10.


If you asked me in 2015 when I opened the doors to Serenity Pet spa what I saw for the future, I couldn’t have imagined such an amazing result. It’s taken a lot of study and a bit of hardship but I have built a grooming salon that’s not only designed for the safety and comfort of you pets, but also for the comfort and happiness of your groomer. This combination creates the ideal situation to bring the best grooming experience forward. I’ve spared no expense on top-of-the-line equipment to make the job easier on my groomers and less stressful for you pet. I strive to create an environment where my groomers are able to expand and grow as individual stylists while enjoying the teamwork and camaraderie that is very hard to find in such high stress careers. By allowing an open and welcoming environment, my groomers are better able to provide you pet with the best care possible. We are a family and treat every dog coming through our door like one of our own. We will laugh with you over their silly antics and cry with you when they fall ill.  We are not just groomers, we are family.

Lis Johnston



Certified Master Groomer


Years Grooming: Started in 2009

Time at Serenity Pet Spa: Since August 2017

Pets at Home: 1 bedlington, 1 squishy mutt and 1 naughty kitty

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Special Skills & Favorite Breeds: Terrier extraordinaire! Loves Bedlingtons the most!

Accolades: NCMG, Member Wi State Grooming Team 2018/19, Won over open level competitors at her first competition, nominated for Up and Coming Groomer of the Year 2019

Interesting Fact: Grew up working with her dad at a wildlife refuge raising wolves, birds of prey and other wild animals. She’s a treasure trove of animal intel!


Salon Manger


Years Grooming: Since 2003

Time at Serenity Pet Spa: Started in July 2018

Pets at Home: 1 pekingese, 1 pug mix and a kitty

Hometown: Rancho Cucamongo, CA

Special Skills & Favorite Breeds: Amazing skills with old and anxious dogs, teddy bear face master

Accolades: Master Certified Non-Sporting, alternate for WI State Grooming Team 2019,  2nd place at her first competition

Interesting Fact: Wanted a change from sunny California and willingly chose Wisconsin because she was so excited for snow, her Dad had to rush ship her a winter coat for her first Christmas.  She’s not sure how much she really likes the snow after all.


Certified Master Groomer


Years Grooming: Groomed her own show dogs since she was 18 years old. Pet grooming since February 2019

Time at Serenity Pet Spa: February 2019

Pets at Home: 1 bedlington and 1 standard poodle

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Special Skills & Favorite Breeds: She is great with breed standard and show cuts

Accolades: National Certified Master Groomer, showed and finished her own AKC Bichon Frise, now in Open Level at grooming competitions

Interesting Fact: Spent 4 years working for a nationally acclaimed professional dog show handler learning lots of tricks of the trade.  Now shows her own Standard Poodle


Certified Master Groomer


Years Grooming:
Time at Serenity Pet Spa:
Pets at Home: 

Special Skills & Favorite Breeds: 


Interesting Fact: S

Certified Master Groomer


Master Apprentice


Years Grooming: Full Time grooming in 2018

Time at Serenity Pet Spa: Started as a bather apprentice in 2017, now a proficient and talented groomer on her way to being a Master

Pets at Home: 1 pit bull and 1 pit mix

Hometown: Port Orange, FL

Special Skills & Favorite Breeds: Great with the large breeds, also expanding her knowledge on rustic coats, cords and flocks

Accolades: Master Certified in Sporting Breeds, won 3rd place at her first grooming competition

Interesting Fact: Lis found her working at Menards while buying dog kennels, she started the next week! She is also the fixer of most things that break in the shop, especially the vacuum.


Master Apprentice


Years Grooming: Bather since 2002, started grooming in 2004

Time at Serenity Pet Spa: Started June 2019

Pets at Home: 1 doberman, 1 german shepherd, 2 Australian shepherds, 1 cattle dog, 1 bitty baby Belgian malinois

Hometown: Waupaca WI

Special Skills & Favorite Breeds: Really enjoys grooming double coats, she says blow outs are therapeutic and satisfying!

Accolades: Master Certified sporting breeds, shows her Australian shepherds in AKC, has Master Agility Titles and International protection organization titles on her dogs.  

Interesting Fact: Her Dad bred and raised Labradors for hunting trials that she helped with growing up. Her first grooming job was with a Belgian sheepdog and schipperke breeder/handler.




Years Grooming: 0, she’s a retired RN here for the snuggles!

Time at Serenity Pet Spa: Started as a client in 2016 and became our receptionist in 2017

Pets at Home: 2 Scottish terriers

Hometown: Grand Forks, ND

Special Skills & Favorite Breeds: Scotties, getting us bandaged up when we cut ourselves with scissors!

Accolades: Maintaining groomer sanity, having the best Christmas decorations and the most Scottie memorabilia in the state if not the nation!

Interesting Fact: She is a retired paramedic and taught many of the current paramedics around Madison. She also works many sport events as the nurse on call.