We serve all breeds and all sizes. All services are based on an hourly rate of time spent on grooming your pet. Time spent will vary based on the size of your dog, condition of coat, and services desired. Allow for approximately 3-4 hours for your dog’s grooming appointment. While breaks and play time are factored into their stay, you are only charged for grooming time. Cancellation fees apply. Proof of rabies vaccination required for first visit.






Puppy Groom

Cleaning includes:

  • Brush out + comb through

  • Bath in premium shampoo

  • Blow dry + fluff (no kennel dryers)

  • Trim of paw pads + eye corners

  • Sanitary trim (if needed)

  • Nail grinding

  • Ear cleaning &  plucking (if needed)

  • Anal gland expression (if needed)
  • Kennel free play in between steps of the groom

Cost: Based on hourly rate selected below + time spent grooming your pet

Tidy Up Trim includes:

  • All items listed under Deep Clean

  • Trimming of the face + ears + feet

  • Light scissoring of the legs

  • Light trimming of featherings (on applicable breeds)

Cost: Based on hourly rate selected below + time spent grooming your pet

Full Haircut includes:

  • All items listed under Deep Clean

  • All items listed under Tidy Up Trim

  • Haircut length off of the entire body

  • Hand scissor finish as needed (extra fee may apply)


Cost: Based on hourly rate selected below + time spent grooming your pet

Teach your pup to like the groomer as early as 10 weeks old. By the time they reach full size, they're ready for a full haircut and will be well adjusted to the process. Puppies also get lots of extra play time, so plan for approximately 3 hours!

Long Coat:*

  • 2-3 Months: $28

  • 3-5 Months: Sm $32 | Med $35| Lg $40

  • 5-6 Months: Sm $38 | Med $42 | Lg $47

Short coat : *

  • 2-3 Months: $15​

  • 3-5 Months: Sm $20 I Med $25I Lg $30


*Special puppy pricing requires a frequency of 4 weeks or less between appointments.

STEP 2. Select hourly rate


Hourly Rates:

  • Master Groomer: $70

  • Apprentice: $65

At Serenity Pet Spa, our standard is exceptional. We use premium shampoos and specialty skin products on all pets, at no additional charge. We use only the highest quality brushes and grooming tools to prevent coat damage, all pets are hand dried and fluffed (no cage dryers).


Hourly Rates:

  • Master Groomer: $80

  • Apprentice: $75

Express grooms are available on a limited basis. During these appointments, your groomer will work on your dog straight through without a break. These are best for older dog who don’t relax while at the shop, or who will not enjoy the kennel free environment (particularly, aggressive dogs).


Hourly Rates:

  • Select Groomers: $80

Dog show grooming is provided on limited basis. This is mainly for AKC show dogs to prepare for competition; however, every dog can receive this kind of grooming!


Hourly Rates:

  • Master $75

  • Apprentice $70

Hand stripping is a service offered for terriers and other wire-coated breeds. It involves pulling out the dead coat that does not fall out of these breeds. It isn't harmful when done properly and consistently. If allowed to grow too long, the texture of the coat changes and no longer pulls out painlessly. Offered on a case by case basis, depending on the dog and coat condition.

STEP 3. Select Bath time ADD-ONS (Optional)

Soothing Skin Package

Designed for pets with  allergies or chronic inflammation to their skin 

A special, soothing shampoo is applied and left to soak for 10 minutes while the tub is filled up above your dog’s paws for our fizzing foot soak. Teeth brushing and breath freshener included. Your choice of bow, bandana, feather or color highlight.  Soothe shampoo is also available for sale for continued comfort between grooms.

Small $21 | Large $25
Shampoo Only $10

Mellow Pet Package

Designed for dogs who get overly anxious when separated from owners or had traumatic experiences at previous groomers 


Mellow Pet relaxing essential oil is applied to pets’ ears to begin calming effects. They are washed in our Mellow Pet shampoo and allowed to soak for 5 minutes. They get teeth brushing, breath freshener, and a bandana with Mellow Pet essential oil to extend the calming effect. Mellow Pet shampoo is also available for purchase for comfort between grooms.


Protein De-Mat Treatment

Designed for pets with Matted coats

Pets receive a protein-based leave-in conditioner. This deep conditioning treatment coats the hair shaft and smooths out damage that is the key cause of matting.  The coat can then be brushed more easily without causing your dog discomfort.

We also offer this treatment as a preventative against matting for dogs with overly dry or damaged coats from illness or environmental effects. It works great on terrier skirts that are prone to breaking and will help create long, healthy luxurious coat on any dog.

Small $12 | Med $18 | Large $25

De-shedding Treatment

Designed for breeds that shed heavily such as Retrievers, labs & huskies 


Many dogs have a dense undercoat that inhibits their ability to cool off in the summer. Bringing these dogs in for regular de-shedding treatments will help your pet regulate their body temperature, especially when it's warm outside. Our multi-step de-shedding treatments, which include a special shampoo & conditioner, will give your vacuum a vacation.

$15 - $35

Seasonal Specials

Designed to give your pet a unique experience 


We offer seasonal specials that change every month.  They typically include a special scented shampoo and cologne, teeth brushing and your choice of bows, bandana, feather or color highlight. Contact us to find our more about the current seasonal special!


Without teeth brushing $8

STEP 4. Select Other ADD-ONS (Optional)

Hand Scissoring


Hand scissoring creates an even, plush look that lasts for weeks. The scissors give a clean finish that leaves the coat healthy on the ends, similar to you getting your split ends trimmed. As the coat grows out, it will be even and healthy, causing less tangling and longer lasting "freshly groomed" appearance.

Starting at $8




Need to leave your pup with us for a few extra hours? No problem. Rest assured your dog is being well cared for. Only available for dog with a grooming appointment.

Half Day (2-3 extra hours) $8
Full Day (3-5 extra hours) $15

creative grooming

Designed To GIVE YOUR PET some flair

We are a member of the National Association of Creative grooming, through which we stay informed and educated on the latest and safest ways to add a little creative fun to your pet. We specialize in hints of color, whether a few highlights in the tail or some pretty ear gems.

Starting at $5


Designed for all pets!


This add-on includes teeth-brushing and breath freshner. Every pet should receive regular dental maintenance. It's a great way for groomer to get in and check if further attention is needed. Mild scaling can be done for small up charge.


Walk-In services are available, but not garaunteed. It is recommended to call ahead.


  • Brush out + comb through(5-10 min, extra for mats)

  • Trim of paw pads + eye corners

  • Sanitary trim (if needed)

  • Nail grinding

  • Ear cleaning &  plucking (if needed)

Cost: $30-$45 based on size and coat type


  • Nail grinding $20

  • Nails + ears $23

  • Brush out + blow out $65-70/hour

  • Ear cleaning $5 (with plucking $8)

  • Anal glands expression $12

Walk-In services


It is inevitable that your pet will need some special care in its senior years. We have a variety of tools and techniques to help your senior remain as comfortable as possible with grooming as they age. We offer express appointments for those that need to spend less time away from home. We also have appointments available with two groomers so your dog can be done faster and with a helping hand for support. Our groomers are highly trained to understand the needs of you senior and will discuss all needs and options to keep them comfortable. Please mention any of your dog’s special needs when making your appointment. Extra fees may apply.

We have dealt with rehabilitating many dogs who have previously been unable to be groomed by others. We are willing to work with any dog as long as the owners are willing to work with us. These cases may require frequent visits with lots of time for your dog to bond with their groomer, often multiple visits before the grooming will even begin. We have many special techniques and tools available and will do everything we can to try to help your dog realize that grooming doesn’t have to be scary. Please mention any of your dog’s special needs when making your appointment. Extra fees may apply.